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Welcome at d-o-d.be. We're proud to present our renewed website and party concept. We used our previous experiences to create a new, bigger and better event. D-o-D presents: Movementz! will be an evening of fun, good vibes and great music.
So be sure you don't miss it and reserve your ticket now at info@d-o-d.be.

See u at D-o-D presents: Movementz!


Regarding presale: There are no presale points, the only way to get tickets is to reserve them at info@d-o-d.be! This is how u go to work: U send a mail with your name and the amount of tickets you want to info@d-o-d.be. We will send u a mail with confirmation of your reservation and we will ensure that your tickets will be waiting for u at the entrance.


  • Saturday 10th October 2009
  • Rector
  • Stalhof 5
  • 9000 Ghent

Movementz @ Rector weergeven op een grotere kaart


  • 22u30 - 00u00:

  • EVA

  • 00u00 - 02u00:


  • 02u00 - 03u00:

  • SETH

  • 03u00 - 05u00:


  • 05u00 - 06u00: